Our Team

InfinitiLab Team At Your Service

The company combines internationally recognized talents in programming and graphic designers as well as affiliates based in Asia, Europe and North America. The company headquarters is located in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

The partners have a track record of working together on a number of challenging projects including both custom-made and commercial tools and throughout the past experience they proved that no challenge in the field of programming is too difficult. The partners participated in multiple Malaysian and International programming competitions and won multiple prizes. This, next to the variety of successfully finalized projects and many satisfied Customers, serves as the best proof of our technical capabilities.

The small size of the company allows for responsiveness and full focus on work, with no delays and downtime caused by extensive organizational structure and multi-layer management system. At the same time the previous experience of our consultants and flawless track record guarantees highest possible quality of services and timely delivery.

Our motto "Excellence, Quality, Innovation" reflects well our approach to programming and to our Clients. We are always trying to excel and we always go the Extra Mile in order to make sure that our Clients ever are glad to make the decision to choose us as their preferred contractors. We are looking forward to exceed your expectations!